Venrock Partner offers take on Senate health bill debate and how ACA can be fixed (Q&A)

“We now need to do more work on creating local market competition and price pressure,” said Venrock Partner Bo Kocher in a


Does reducing readmission rates mean increased mortality?

A new JAMA study took a deeper dive into whether reductions in hospital readmissions increased patient mortality rates after hospitalization. The results are good news for fans of value-based care.


Can the immunotherapy movement march into glioblastomas?

On Wednesday, the same day McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis was publicly revealed, a paper was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine discussing a CAR-T approach to treating glioblastoma.


How can healthcare organizations make the shift to effective patient-centric care?

Creating patient-centric value requires coordinating and optimizing care both within and across medical, social, mental health, functional and pharmaceutical disciplines.


Merck reveals plans for role in Austin health innovation hub

These hubs seek to “break new ground” in digital health by supporting collaboration between the big pharma company, academia, and digital health startups.


How common is texting in the healthcare space?

Hospital-based clinicians frequently communicate about patient care-related issues. But what types of devices are they using to do so? And how secure are their methods? A new study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine has the answer.


Critics slam HHS for ‘misleading” analysis of Sen. Ted Cruz amendment to health bill

The forecasts in a draft analysis by the Department of Health and Human Services are exactly opposite from what many experts predict.


MD Anderson chief innovation officer: “Innovation doesn’t have to be sexy”

Rebecca Kaul, chief innovation officer at MD Anderson Cancer Center and a keynote speaker at MedCity CONVERGE, discussed why innovation is needed in healthcare — particularly in the oncology space.