Just in time for open enrollment, HHS will limit availability on Sundays

Critics say the Trump administration is intentionally undermining ACA, through regulatory actions. It shortened the enrollment period, withdrew money for advertising and cut the budget for navigator groups, which help people shop for plans.


Study of apps for depression notes positive impact of cognitive therapy intervention, mindfulness

The study identified 18 eligible randomized controlled trials of 22 smartphone apps, with outcome data from 3,414 participants.


Consumers and physicians see eye to eye on why healthcare costs are increasing and how to solve the problem

Houston-based Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute conducted a survey of more than 9,000 consumers and 450 doctors to unveil their perceptions of health insurance, healthcare costs and more.


Study: In-network therapists are hard to find for ACA insurance marketplace plan members

High demand for services, a shortage of practitioners and low insurance reimbursement rates have all contributed to mental health care providers’ general lack of enthusiasm for joining provider networks, according to the study.


Which 10 health tech startups made the cut for the Cedars-Sinai accelerator?

Whittled down from roughly 600 applicants, the goals of the 10 companies in the third cohort include improving the patient experience, offering more personalized care plans for cancer treatment, triaging patients faster and making blood sample collecti…


Pager and Horizon BCBSNJ team up to enhance the patient experience

Through the collaboration, the New York City-based startup’s technology will assist Horizon members in gaining access to the care they need at the right time.


Dinging Graham-Cassidy bill, insurers say it contributes to government-run single-payer system

The nation’s largest insurance lobby sent a letter to Senate leaders voicing opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill and arguing that it allows states to eliminate private insurance and contributes to the growth of a government-run single-payer sys…


Have EHRs helped us create a more secure, paperless environment?

It’s good to see that so many in our industry have taken the steps necessary to comply with and achieve the meaningful use of certified health IT, but this level of adoption came at a steep price.