Patrick Kullmann, CG3 Consulting-Guest Lecturer at University Enterprise Laboratory, University of Minnesota August 28, 2012




Patrick Kullmann, Founder and Lead Strategist of CG3 Consulting, a global advisory firm based in Minneapolis with offices in Boston and San Diego.  Patrick will be a guest lecturer at UEL, University of Minnesota on August 28, 2012.  Patrick is the author of “The Inventor’s Guide for Medical Technology” and a lecturer nationally and internationally on the topics of medical technology, pharmaceutical, Biotech and software commercialization.

UEL is a collaborative research center that  provides  lab and office space to early-stage bioscience companies, UEL promotes advances in biology and biotechnology and creates jobs in Minnesota. Their vision is to facilitate the growth of Minnesota’s next generation of fortune 500 bioscience companies.  They are also very respected as a high quality incubator for early stage bioscience ventures by providing premier facilities and services then enable innovation, growth and commercial success.

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